At the grand opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games (Sep 23rd ~ Oct 8th 2023), an exquisite pair of binoculars was placed in front of each leader's seat.


     Innovation took center stage at the grand opening and closing ceremonies of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. As leaders from around the world took their seats, an exquisite pair of binoculars crafted by a local Chinese brand, Eyeskey, proudly stood before them. This remarkable display not only provided a clear view for the leaders but showcased the extraordinary strength and influence of intelligent Chinese manufacturing.

     Eyeskey's R&D team achieved a groundbreaking feat by launching the ED flat-field binocular series. These binoculars offer high-definition images, almost equivalent to viewing with the naked eye. This innovative technology has shattered the monopoly of foreign brands, signifying that China's high-end binocular products have reached a world-class level in terms of core technological competitiveness.

    The journey towards perfection was not an easy one for Eyeskey. In the three
months leading up to the Asian Games, their design team crafted over fifty versions of binocular design sketches. Each iteration infused deep humanistic concepts into the design, resulting in a true masterpiece. The combination of digital design technology and a virtual simulation system streamlined the customization process for the Asian Games staff.